Lenox Classics Disney Showcase Collection ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Bone China Figurine – Maleficent

Hand-painted, hand-glazed ivory bone china figurine of Maleficent accented with 24 karat gold inspired by her appearance in Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty animated film (1959). Maleficent stands in a classic pose from the film’s scene at the cottage where she captures Prince Phillip who has come in search of Briar Rose (Princess Aurora).  As depicted in this scene, she holds her iconic staff in her right hand, and a candle in her raised left hand.  Maleficent’s face and hands are bisque finish, while the rest of the figure is gloss finish.

Non-numbered Limited Edition.

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Packaged in a white shipper box with product label and contained in an ivory product box with gold foil Lenox Classics emblem inside a molded styrofoam interior and wrapped in a clear plastic bag.

Documentation includes Certificate of Authenticity and Lifetime Breakage Replacement Program Registration.