Enesco Walt Disney Classics Collection Porcelain Figurine – Maleficent “Evil Enchantress” & Diablo

Hand-painted porcelain figurine of Maleficent with full-color eye decals, inspired by her appearance in Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty animated film (1959), and released to commemorate its 40th Anniversary. Maleficent stands in a classic pose from the film’s christening scene where she addresses the court before bestowing her “gift” upon Princess Aurora. As in this scene from the film, Maleficent smiles as she glances over her left shoulder – upon which her Raven familiar, Diablo, is perched with spread wings – and and holds her staff in her left hand which is a separate accessory and made of solid bronze with a semi-precious green Aventurine stone orb.

Limited Edition of 10,000 pieces (the figurine pictured is #4,271/10,000).  Walt Disney Collectors Society Fall 1999 Special Event Release – available only at authorized WDCC dealers during one-day events held from September 18, 1999 – October 18, 1999.

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Packaging & Documentation

Packaged in a glossy teal pinstripe box with Walt Disney Classics Collection logo, gold foil accents and product label, inside a molded styrofoam interior with soft foam pads and wrapped in a clear plastic bag.

Documentation includes numbering on both the underside of the base, full-color 2-sided Certificate of Authenticity with gold foil accents, full-color 2-sided Registration Card with gold foil accents and Instructions Sheet.  Full-color WDCC Product Pamphlet, Registration Card and Certificate of Authenticity are contained inside a clear plastic envelope with embossed gold-foil seal.  Includes a sterling silver Spinning Wheel charm as a gift with purchase (not pictured).

Whiteware Version

A limited edition of 1000 whiteware versions of this Maleficent sculpture were also released, which were accompanied by a specially designed resin base. Matching the castle flagstones, the base is large enough to display both the whiteware and final sculpture of Maleficent side by side.