Disney Store The Walt Disney Gallery: The Disney Villain Markrita Collector’s Box Figurine – Maleficent, Diablo & Goons with Three Good Fairies Pin

Hand-painted stone resin Maleficent figurine statue inspired by her appearance in Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty animated film (1959).

Maleficent is represented in a classic scene from the film entitled “In Maleficent’s Domain” which occurs inside her castle on The Forbidden Mountain while her Goons celebrate their capture of Prince Phillip by enjoying a feast and dancing around a roaring fire.

Maleficent is seated on her green stone gargoyle-shaped throne, addressing her Raven familiar, Diablo, who is perched on her left hand, and gesturing toward him with her right hand.

The stone-effect base of the figurine is articulated and rotates open to reveal a secret compartment representing the dungeon chamber of The Forbidden Mountain, which contains a figural resin wearable pin of the Three Good Fairies – Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.

Maleficent's head is mounted atop the hidden hinge support in a fixed position, which enables the illusion of her head turning as the lid of the base is rotated open and closed. When closed, Maleficent's head is oriented toward Diablo. When opened, Maleficent's head is oriented toward the Three Good Faires hidden in the dungeon chamber.

Non-numbered Limited Edition. Exclusive to The Disney Store.

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Limited Edition

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Packaging & Documentation

Packaged in a full-color box with silver accents inside a molded styrofoam interior.

Documentation includes artist signature carved on the side of the base and a 3-color Certificate of Authenticity printed in black, silver and gold.