Disney Store CA ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Porcelain Dimensional Collectible Plate – “Maleficent’s Curse” with Diablo & Three Good Fairies

Hand-painted dimensional cold-cast porcelain collectible plate featuring the iconic Christening scene from Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty animated film (1959) during which Maleficent bestows her gift (curse) upon Princess Aurora.

The figural scene captures a classic moment from the film using a forced-perspective technique and includes Maleficent in a fully sculpted profile from the waist up with her flaring, dagged sleeve resembling flames escaping the border of the plate – which is accented with a rose and thorn motif gilded with gold paint. Maleficent gestures with her right hand, and holds her iconic staff in her left hand, upon which her raven familiar, Diablo, is perched. The Three Good Fairies (Flora, Fauna and Merryweather) are poised in front of Aurora’s cradle and depicted from the waist up as well. They each hold magic wands which are fabricated from wire and accented with gold paint. In the background of the scene, a full-length King Stephan and Queen Leah react to Maleficent’s Curse, and stand before their highly detailed thrones and opulently draped hanging fabrics – which have all been meticulously sculpted to match the original production animation and feature gilded accents with carefully applied gold paint.

Accessories include a black painted wooden display stand suitable for flat surfaces. The reverse of the plate includes a gold-tone metal ring suitable for hanging wall display.

Numbered limited edition of 10,000 pieces (the plate pictured is #194/10,000).  Exclusive to The Disney Store (Canada).

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Packaging & Documentation

Packaged in a full-color outside-tuck box with embossed gold foil accents and gloss-coated thorn motif, protected inside a stacked 2-part molded styrofoam interior with separate cavities for the plate and stand, wrapped in clear plastic.

Documentation includes hand-numbering on the reverse side of the plate and a full-color tri-folded Certificate of Authenticity.