Antony-Coukos-300x300ExperienceTheMistress.com is the definitive guide to licensed Maleficent collectibles featuring rare Maleficent Statues, Big Figs, Dolls, Plush, Novelties, Toys, Action Figures and more with 360 degree photos, close-ups, packaging and information – many from the private collection of Owner & Curator, Antony Coukos.

In addition to being a Maleficent enthusiast, Antony is an accomplished graphic designer, illustrator and web developer based in Richmond, Virginia and Orlando, Florida USA. Antony created ExperienceTheMistress.com as community hub for other enthusiasts and to serve as an online archive of his own Maleficent collection.

As an online museum, featured exhibits within ExperienceTheMistress.com include a unique composition of Antony’s own original photography, detailed product information, little-known facts, original concept sketches and official promotional artwork. Launched April 2014, ExperienceTheMistress.com has become a destination for worldwide Maleficent news and product information.

Antony works with several major publishers, film studios and toy companies to generate consumer interest in their respective Maleficent products on ExperienceTheMistress.com while increasing awareness and respect for the character. Additionally, ExperienceTheMistress.com has garnered interest and praise from legendary actors, artists, writers, sculptors and designers throughout the animation, television, film and toy industries.

In June 2016, we launched an ALL-NEW experience, featuring:

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Museum Guide

We have placed every product in our collection within one of several main categories, within an appropriate sub-category. These categories form the primary navigation at the top of every page. Hover, click or tap any navigation item to view the sub-categories and their respective product Galleries.

Galleries include every product within a main category or sub-category, depending on your current level of navigation. Use the sidebar to refine your experience. Products within each gallery and sub-category are listed in descending order (newest to oldest) of their original release date. Click any thumbnail image or product title to visit a specific product Exhibit.

Featured Exhibits feature our own professional photography including complete turnarounds (views from all sides), close-ups, packaging, detailed product information and – in many cases – the original concept artwork. Regular Exhibits include promotional photography and information provided by the product Company.

Estimated product values are provided for informational purposes only. Some rare or one-of-a-kind items deliberately have no value included.

As we create Exhibits for new products, they will be added to the appropriate category sub-category and gallery archives as well as included in the Newest Additions archive for quick-access.

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